Opportunities Are Out There

Looking for market opportunities which can save you thousands of dollars? Well look no further, you’ve come to the right place to learn about current opportunities on the market and how to identify them.

Let me tell you though that as a professional I do not mimic nor follow the gimmicks given by late night tv infomercials or cheesy advertisements found in local community circulations.

Advertising “Free Foreclosure Lists” when most people do not know that you must buy them all cash is pretty sly. Even if the potential buyer/bidder could afford a foreclosure they would still need to investigate them on their own. Finding foreclosures or looking through tax rolls are outside a realtors or real estate agents scope of expertise and skills.

The purpose of this particular page is to inform you about the current market today and how I can find you homes at market or slightly below market value. Keep in mind though that no matter what housing market we are in, a home that is priced at the market (Meaning being sold at its true price) or a home slightly under value will sell within the blink of an eye.

Why? Well a seller, reasonable or perhaps desperate, knows that he or she MUST sell their home quickly and efficiently in order to plop their money in another investment. They do try to reap as much as possible, in fact anything above market price is gravy but as long as its sold at market price, they know that they are getting their money’s worth.

Too many sellers wish to cover fees, such as escrow and title or commission fees by increasing the price of the home or ‘marking up’ the retail price. This is a devastating move since many buyers will instantly notice the mark up and especially when a neighbor who is also selling their home and is similar in style, floor plan, amenities, beds, baths…etc, has their home marketed without marking up.

When browsing the MLS and looking at comparable properties in a given neighborhood, I can instantly see those trying to ‘mark up’ the retail/comparables price versus those trying to sell their homes effectively.

Now its another story if you don’t MIND waiting 6 months for your home to sell, if you believe that the market will turn in your favor in the next few months then by all means list at a high and unsaleable price, but be warned that if you are playing the waiting game be prepared to handle that double edged sword with carefulness. What comes up, must come down and if you’re waiting for prices to go up…and they go the opposite way…what will you do then? Wait it out again and be at the mercy of the market once more OR take action and realize that its not what you sell for but how you buy that will net you the most amount of money.

Now I don’t mean shave off 100 thousand dollars off your homes true selling price and sell it within one day. What I mean is sell your home at what the market is asking and then use the proceeds in order to intelligently invest the money into something which is more beneficial than your previous investment (I.E your last home or multi-family residence)

Perhaps you’d like to invest in a duplex? Triplex? Commercial business?

If you’ve lived in a 3 bed 2 bath for a few years and its time to find a new home with 3 beds and 2 baths, you’d want to buy something that not only fits in your financial wallet but something you and everyone else in your family will appreciate and be comfortable with.

Wouldn’t a 3 bed 2 bath with a 2 bed 1 bath unit in the back which can be rented out be better then a regular 3 bed 2 bath with the mortgage payment being made entirely by you? If you’d like help with the mortgage payment, a unit in the back wouldn’t hurt.

Of course having renters is something which you and your family have to talk about to see if you’d feel comfortable doing such a thing.

P.S Keep in mind that some sellers do not over price their homes because they want to, sometimes they put in an expensive and complete remodel of the house and they are trying to recuperate their investment and then some. Many times though what they put in may not give them a full return.


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