Now thats an idea.Now this market has produced opportunities which many potential home buyers might find worth looking into. When searching through the Multiple Listing Service (Service used by real estate agents across the country to access current homes for sale in their particular region) I find many homeowners having lowered their asking prices significantly, sometimes by as much as 100 thousand dollars and in addition to reduced prices desperate sellers have included partial or full payment of closing costs for buyers.

Of course those reasonable home owners who have priced their homes to sell and not priced to sit on the market for 6 months are the ones reaping the true benefits of this market.

Why? Well pricing a home to sell will attract a hoard of buyers who are already driving around or searching the net by the thousands. A home that is priced to sell will inevitably create attention and activity around itself and thus the potential for offers increase and when multiple offers are submitted, a bidding war ensues amongst buyers wanting to buy that particular real estate. Pricing your home at the market is crucial since it increases the chances of competing offers being submitted and have offers which go over your asking price. Isn’t that much better?

Ever seen a hot item on EBAY that was just right or below retail? Many times what was being asked in terms of price was exceeded by the multitude of bidders who wanted to capture the great deal…to the point where the bidder is willing to pay more then retail price because he really “has to have” that “deal” As a seller, pricing your home at the market value will increase activity to your home many times over. You’ll distinguish yourself from other comparable homes with high and now unrealistic asking prices.

When buyers and their agents come across your home, what do you think they will think? How about “Look at this home…” you want buyers to hunger for your property and thus bid up the price not sit on the sidelines if your home is overpriced.

It’s not really what you sell your home for that makes you a savvy seller, even in todays slowing market you’ll still get a nice and profitable net sale after fees deducted. A saavy seller is one who hires a premium real estate agent who can sell their home quickly and turn around and find them a home or investment at a good or bargain price.

Its when you buy that you lock in your good or bargain investment. The key is to move your money as quickly as possible into another investment so as to generate or save you money in the long or short term.